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Astrology by Ana

Astrology by Ana

My interest in Astrology began at the age of six when I first heard about it in grade one.

Six years later, my father gave me my first book on Sun Signs that I still have.

Please take a moment to visit his site: Manuel Ruiz

In 1991 I became a member of the American Federation of Astrologers & began contributing articles to their magazine.

A few years later, I was granted lifetime membership (LMAFA).

For over a decade, I contributed a weekly Sun Sign column for their web site.

In 1993 I graduated with a 99.8% average at the Wright Institute of Professional Astrologers in the USA.

I successfully completed the three-level program with the Rosicrucian Fellowship.

I also graduated as a Hermetician with the Church of Light of Canada in 1998.

During the 1990s I further studied advanced astrology at the West Island Astrological Center in Montreal with Helga Ceres.

Denderah Zodiac of Ancient Egypt 50 BCE.

*Note: When I write my horoscope columns, I study the ruling planet of the 12 signs of the Zodiac in relation

to the angles they forms to other planets as well as the New or Full Moons for the time period in question.

I do not place the Sun sign in the first house like many others,

as we are not all born at sunrise as would be the case with the Sun in this house.

My articles & columns have appeared in the following newspapers and magazines:

*Today's Astrologer (USA)

*American Astrology (USA)

*Dell Horoscope (USA)

*id Magazine (Canada)

*The Suburban (Canada)

*Maturity Today (USA)

*Animal Wellness (USA/Canada)

*Paws for Rescue (UK)

*Canadian Dogs Annual 2014 and 2018 (Canada)

For the past couple of years, I have been proofreading the

Astrological Calendar, Pocket Planner, and Daily Planetary Guide

published by Llewellyn Worldwide

I am also the author of two books on the subject of technical Astrology;

"Prediction Techniques Regarding Romances"(currently in 2nd printing)

"Interpreting Empty Houses."

Both published by and available through the American Federation of Astrologers

These and more can be found on my profile page here


By Ana Ruiz, LMAFA

"Can you guess my sign?” is the first thing people ask when I tell them I study Astrology. Guessing people’s Sun sign can be quite tricky as all signs can manifest in a chart through several different ways. For this reason, I refrain from answering this question; however as a hobby I try to determine the Sun sign or Ascendant of celebrities. The following are six examples of celebrities that I believed to have strong Leo emphasis in their charts.

It was easy to speculate that billionaire business tycoon and presidential candidate, Donald Trump, had to have strong Leo traits. What other sign can have such an ego and be so defensive when criticized? (I don't mean to offend any Leos, I am actually a Leo myself! Although his Sun sign is actually Gemini, his Ascendant is at 29°58’ Leo. While placed quite near the end of the sign, it is especially powerful as it forms a conjunction with Mars, planet of ambition, self-confidence, leadership qualities, boastfulness, and of builders.

In “Degrees of the Zodiac” by Donna Walter Henson, the 29th degree of Leo, “……denotes command, idealism, good intellect, strong will, and mature judgment; a thinker who analyzes and plans on a big scale…. Doesn’t melt into the crowd, ambitious, fond of power, desirous of command…” At this degree you will also find the fixed star Regulus, (the “heart of Leo”), associated with positions of power, strong ambitions, independence and leadership potential, as well as public disgrace and downfalls from a prominent position. When Regulus falls on the Ascendant, chances of honour and wealth are increased according to Nicholas Devore’s “Encyclopedia of Astrology.”

I determined that Academy Award winner and star of The Hunger Games franchise, Jennifer Lawrence, must have a Leo Sun and/or Ascendant. Her Sun sign is at 22° Leo and Henson assigns this degree to “projecting and the arts, comedians, clowns and entertainers (actors).” She has often displayed a great sense of humour and is not afraid to laugh at herself. She once said, “I’m a horrible dancer! I’m like a dad at prom. I look like Gumby getting electrocuted!”

Yet Lawrence has also managed to expertly combine her goofy personality with her glamorous side as Venus is also in Leo. Both the Sun and Venus bestow charm, magnetism, and an ability to act when found in this sign. Venus (finances) rules her 8th house of public income and forms a trine to her Sagittarius Midheaven bringing professional success and abundant financial rewards through her achievements. Lawrence is currently the world’s highest paid actress. Incidentally, through her role in “The Hunger Games”, she managed to generate increased interest in the sport of archery which Sagittarius rules.

It took nothing more than a quick glance of a poster for the movie, “Thor” with Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, to estimate that he too must have a Leo Sun and/or Ascendant. His ‘romance novel cover looks’ when in this character, remind me of the artwork for the month of August (Leo) in astrological calendars. Although his time of birth is not available, his Leo Sun at 17° forms a trine to Neptune in Sagittarius adding charisma, creative ability, as well as talent in the field of acting.

Yet there were other times when I was sure of the Leo emphasis and was completely surprised. Such was the case with actor Bradley Cooper who has the Sun in Capricorn and no planets whatsoever in Leo. However his Sun (natural ruler of Leo), is placed in the 1st house bestowing traits of this sign to his Ascendant (personality and physical body.) Having the Sun in the 1st house is similar to Leo rising as would Neptune in the 1st house be akin to Pisces on the Ascendant, for example.

Professional golfer Tiger Woods was another celebrity that I believed had strong Leo traits. He too has a Capricorn Sun with only one planet barely in Leo at 1°. However, this one planet in Leo is Saturn, the ruler of his Sun sign, therfore powerful in influence again emphasizing Leo qualities. Henson states that those with a planet or Ascendant at 1° Leo “have a way of making themselves pleasing to the opposite sex” and we all have heard about his extra-marital affairs.

Actor Charlie Sheen also appeared to me as possessing Leo traits and has his Sun in the 5th or natural house of Leo increasing this sign’s qualities. This position for the Sun (expression) brings much creativity and a love for fun and partying. I witnessed this firsthand when I was at a nightclub in Montreal many years ago where he was celebrating quite heavily after filming a movie. The 5th house rules entertainment, film, and show business confirming that to Sheen the world is viewed as a stage. Sheen has a Virgo Sun and Gemini Ascendant; both signs ruled by Mercury and placed at 23° Leo, a degree assigned to the stage and profession of acting. Both Woods and Sheen have their Sun sign ruler in Leo while Sheen also has his chart or Ascendant ruler in Leo, once again emphasizing traits of this sign.

In conclusion, all six charts have significant Leo emphasis. Half with the Sun or Ascendant in this sign while the remaining have the Sun or chart ruler in Leo or the Sun in the 1st or 5th house. Therefore, if you “incorrectly” guess someone’s sign, check further and you will likely discover traits of this sign manifesting in other ways.

"Millionares don't use Astrology - billionaires do!" (J.P. Morgan)

" Seshat " the ancient Egyptian goddess of Astrology.

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